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Spain Greeters are volunteers who are passionate about sharing their love for their city with visitors from around the world. A Greeter will welcome you and take you on a 2-4 hours walk in the city free-of-charge, showing you places, neighborhoods, and off-the-beaten-track spots. You will see the city through the eyes of a local while hearing personal stories, anecdotes, cultural aspects, and experience the city in its authenticity. Read more …

Spain coastline restaurant and buildingSpain, a country on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula, includes 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. The home of the Basque people is called the Basque Country, located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. Lovely beaches, green valleys, amazing cliffs, big cities and small rural villages: it is full of contrasts. A culture that combines old traditions and modernity.  Its gastronomy is internationally recognized, and it can be enjoyed not only in restaurants with many Michelin stars, but also in many popular taverns and markets.

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Donostia-San Sebastian

Donostia-San Sebastian

Welcome to the BASQUE COUNTRY! Ongi etorri! – lush and green with big valleys and gentle slopes. ‎Basques represent Europe’s oldest culture. We speak “Euskera” and along with Spanish, it is the co-official language. Some say that it is one of the best places to eat in Europe. One of our foodie ‎treasures are the famous small finger food creations called “pintxos”.Come and visit us and we’ll share ‎our knowledge and passion for our city. Walks are offered in a variety of languages.‎

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