International Greeter Association

Website Requirements

Have your own Greeter website!

IGA members´ websites must satisfy the following requirements:

1. The website URL contains

  • The name of your city or region
  • The word “greeters”
  • The extension of your country (e.g. .fr, .uk). Alternatively, you can use an extension like .net, .org, .com or .info
  • Dots or hyphens are allowed to make the name more readable

This will lead to an URL similar to www.yourtown-greeters.extension.
If a Greeter destination has no full control on it’s website (i.e. because it is part of a local tourism organization and the Greeters are presented on a subpage within their website) the URL may refer to these requirements in a reasonable manner. In this case the destination should register a domain name according to the requirements and forward it to the subpage.

 2. IGA logo

  • The IGA logo must be shown on the website/webpage.
  • The IGA logo must be on every page presenting the Greeter destination.
  • The logo must link to the official IGA URL
  • The logo is completely visible (no illustration on top or behind).

The IGA logo is available on request

 3. Languages

As English is the language we use among the members of the IGA, we ask you to have your website at least in English.

 4. Core values

The website’s start page must show the core values or prominently link (i.e. within the main menu or with an extra button on the front page) to the core values on a different local page or on the IGA website.

August 2019

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Oberhafenkantine Hamburg
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