International Greeter Association

IGA Pioneers

A big thank you to the 12 pioneer networks who’s generous donations have enabled us to launch the International Greeter Association !


Wall, War, Techno, Hipsters, Culture – „Berlin“ stands for a multitude of images.
But what is the real Berlin? How do the Berliners see their city? What makes it „their“ Berlin?
Berlin Greeters offer you an original experience money cannot buy – that is why it is free! We show you our neighbourhoods, our favourite places, cafés, corners. We tell you about our lives in busy Berlin, about the pros and cons of living in one of Europe’s most popular metropolies. We are volunteers and greet in our free time.
We do not work for city administration or any company – every greet you get is an independent citizen’s point of view.
We cannot wait to walk you through the city we love. So do not miss a great opportunity and apply for a meeting with a Berlin Greeter!


Welcome to Bonn, city of culture and history.Bonn is a multi-faceted city: it is located on the Rhein river and nestled by the Siebengebirge (Seven Hills); it is the birthplace of Beethoven and home to the yearly Beethoven Festival; it is the former capital city of Germany (from 1949 to 1999); it is the birth place of Haribo Gummi Bears; it is Germany’s United Nations city host to 19 UN organisations; it is a university town with 35,000 students and 550 professors; it is the headquarters for stock-exchange enlisted companies Deutsche Post / DHL and Deutsche Telecom as well as Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle with programs in 30 languages. Come and spend some time with a Bonn Greeter. Enjoy the greet, the cultural exchange, the anecdotes…the friendship.


In Brussels for a few days? Willing to discover the country off the beaten track through the eyes of a Brussels local?
The association Tourisme Autrement offers an alternative way to discover Brussels with an original approach to tourism.
Through direct contact with the local population, we intend to promote respect of the city’s environment, culture and traditions, as well as vivid exchanges between visitors and inhabitants.
Brussels Greeters welcome you to share their passion for the city during an authentic, genuine and free encounter.

Buenos Aires

Take a stroll around with a friend who will make you feel like a “Porteño”. Meet a volunteer who will accompany you (for free!) during your visit and who will show you the main attractions. We will arrange a Greet specially designed according to your interests.


Let a friendly, knowledgeable local give you an insider’s orientation to Chicago! Register at least 10 business days in advance for a FREE 2-4 hour visit of Chicago.Greeter visits are customized based on your choice of neighborhoods, language and interests. We have over 200 enthusiastic volunteers waiting to share their expertise and passion about the city with you!


Hamburg Greeters – your personal gateway to Hamburg: we are ready to greet you in our beautiful city with one of the biggest harbors of the world.
We will take you on a walk, not only to the in-spots at the waterfront, the Elbphilharmony, the famous buildings around the Alster lake or the world-known red-light district Reeperbahn.
As Hamburg locals we are happy to show you the vital quarters with their markets, pubs and shops as well.


The London Greeters have been created to showcase neighbourhoods in London that are often over-looked by visitors and to offer them the unique experience of a locals’ knowledge and introduction to what makes London a vibrant and exciting place to visit. .If you have a special interest we can match you with a London Greeter who shares that interest; whether you want to learn more about local history, infamous residents, culture, sport, architecture or art, or to explore the many markets – take advantage of their knowledge and passion and discover something new about London.

New York

Founded in 1992 as the first “welcome visitor” program of its kind, the idea grew from friendly exchanges founder Lynn Brooks had with people she met on her own vacation travels around the world.Lynn realized that New York City suffered from an image problem: almost everyone she spoke to wanted to visit New York City, but thought the city was too dangerous, expensive and overwhelming.Lynn wanted the world to know New York City as she did: a great big small town with diverse neighborhoods, mom-and-pop stores, fun places to dine, and friendly residents who go out of their way to help an out-of-towner feel welcome.Today, there are about 300 volunteer Greeters who bring visitors to neighborhoods in New York City, and 30 volunteers who work in Big Apple Greeter’s office in every aspect of the program, from answering visitors’ questions and matching visitors with Greeters, to computer tech support and special events.Since its start in 1992, Big Apple Greeter has welcomed more than 150,000 visitors from all 50 states and 124 countries, with visits conducted in 22 languages.A December 2004 survey conducted by New York University Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism and Sports Management found that 97% of survey respondents said that their Greeter experience made their trips to New York City much more successful.


The Paris Greeters are volunteer ambassadors of their city.
They have the passionate desire to show it to visitors from all over the world. They offer them free walks around Paris and its surrounding districts. Meetings between local residents and visitors are based upon a shared experience and mutual discovery of one another and their respective cultures.
A walk with a greeter is the opportunity to see Paris through the eyes of a local and to discover it away from the beaten track with warmth and enthusiasm.


“Greeters made in Pas-de-Calais” is an initiative of the Pas-de-Calais Tourist Board, based on a concept from New York ”the Big Apple Greeters”, who offer tourists the opportunity to meet with a local inhabitant who shows him around and speaks to him about “his” neighbourhood, “his” town, about which he is enthusiastic and proud. He does not in any way replace professional tourist guides and, for that reason, does not receive any income or tips.
For the visitor, the meeting with this “friend” is an enriching experience.
Whether with family, friends or individuals, the Greeter made in Pas-de-Calais welcomes you and guides you during your stay in Pas-de-Calais.
The ‘Greeters made in Pas-de-Calais’ service is completely free of charge.


Why don’t you walk through Tokyo with us?
It is the best way to see Tokyo as we Tokyoites do.
Along the way you will pass through beautifully landscaped gardens, ancient temples and shrines, bustling shopping arcades and open air markets, crowded business districts and quiet residential streets.
You will be surrounded by traditional architecture and tall gleaming skyscrapers of glass and steel. Thousands of restaurants beckon with neon signs and paper lanterns.
Smiles are everywhere, excitement is in the air and a surprise waits around every corner.


Come on a free, private and personal walk through the city. Walks are open to everyone, alone or in small groups up to a maximum of six people. At least one member of the group must be 18 years old or older. Tell us a little bit about yourselves and what you’re interested in, and we’ll do our best to find a Greeter for your visit. Once we’ve found a Greeter, they will contact you by email. If we are unable to organise a Greet for your visit, we will contact you directly and let you know.