Donostia-San Sebastian Greeters - Free Walking Tour, 1 to 6 People

Welcome to the BASQUE COUNTRY! - Ongi Etorri EUSKAL HERRIRA!The Basque Country is lush and green with big valleys and gentle slopes. Basques represent Europe´s oldest culture. We speak “Euskera” and along with Spanish, it is the co-official language.Maybe the best place to eat in Europe.Some say it is, so come and have your own opinion about us. We’ve got more Michelin Stars per head than any place on earth.One of our foodie treasures are its famous small finger food creations called “pintxos” and going from bar to bar in the old part of town is a way to learn about our culture.Come and visit us and we´ll share our knowledge and passion for our city. Visits other than in English are offered in a variety of foreign languages.