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Mexico Greeters are volunteers who are passionate about sharing their love for their city with visitors from around the world. A Greeter will welcome you and take you on a 2-4 hours walk in the city free-of-charge, showing you places, neighborhoods, and off-the-beaten-track spots. You will see the city through the eyes of a local while hearing personal stories, anecdotes, cultural aspects, and experience the city in its authenticity. Read more …

Mexico is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world and is the seventh country with the most World Heritage sites. In addition to housing 68 indigenous languages and 193 archaeological sites, it has a great climatic, gastronomic and cultural diversity, which makes this country one of the most visited corners of the planet. There is no doubt that the hospitality and warmth of its people is the greatest attraction of this wonderful nation.

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Mexico City

Mexico City

Mexico City is a surreal place where the past and the present converge in an urban mosaic of lively streets and unique architecture. Where the picturesque and green canals of Xochimilcos merge with the majestic elegance of the Chapultepec Castle.
It is a sea of flavors and stories, whose swaying is guarded by two beautiful and venerable volcanoes, whose beauty has inspired the best verses since Aztec times.

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