You have heard of Niš, a town of more than two thousand years old? A town once sacked by Atilla the Hun? You want to visit it? Well, the best possible way to do so is to ‘hire’ a Greeter and enjoy ‘the ride’.
Niš, as a multicultural town, offers a varietyof things to see. It is a place where the old clashes with the new, the place where the Orient meets the Roman culture, where you can roam through the old, authentic, cobbled streets, visit a countless number of kafanas and have a sip of a well-known Serbian drink (rakia). You can also try its renowned barbecue, especially ‘cevapcici’, together with ‘burek’ which is the local specialty.
Our Greeters would take you anywhere you like, free of charge
Whether you want to walk, take a very interesting busride, or even a train to Niška banja (a nearby spa), we can assure you that you would be able to see the town from a completely unusual viewpoint.

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