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Nis as a multicultural town of more than 2000 years old, a place where the old clashes with the new, and Orient meets the Roman culture. You can roam through the old, authentic, cobbled streets, visit countless “kafanas” (bar), and have a sip of a well-known “rakia” (drink). You can try our renowned barbecue and “burek” which is the local specialty. In Nis you can walk, take a city bus ride, or catch a train to a nearby spa. With our Greeters you can see the town from a completely unusual viewpoint.

Nis monument
Nis greeters
Nis at night

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Remember: A Greet means meeting a local resident to walk around town with you as new friends. The first step will be to talk to the Greeter about the details of your personalized tour. It's not about taking part in a standardized tour, but about exploring the city with an expert volunteer .

Who are the Greeters?

Nis greeters
Nis Greeters are volunteers who will share their love for the city with you in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. A Greeter will walk with you through the city for a couple of hours allowing you to experience our city in a unique way. For families, friends or people travelling solo – a truly enriching experience!

What our guests say

An excellent tour. We attended to greeters tour in Nis and it was the best tour ever. Alexander took us around all the interesting points in the city and give us lots of details about history, urban stories, etc. morover we asked him to show us other places of interest that we had seen previously on the internet.
definetly the best tour ever. thanks Alexander!!!

Alberto Leblic

Granada, Spain

My greeter, Jovan is very nice guy. His English is very good. His leg was hurt a little bit, but he still took me around the town and showed me the main sight seeing. He explained little history about the places and also while we walked, we talked a lot about various things. He took me to the hill, and show me the view of city at night from the top. Got a new nice friend. Thank you Niš Greeter.

Nicha K.


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