Stuttgart – or „Schduaert“, as it´s pronounced in the local dialect, is the state capital with 590.000 inhabitants. Founded in 915 BC as “Stuotgarten”. 1519 described as “Stuttgart – the name the swabian people gave to paradise” by Ulrich von Hutten. Today: Big city, surrounded by forests and vines, located in a valley basin, cosmopolitan, well connected. Home of big names in technology: Mercedes, Bisch, Porsche, Stihl, Kärcher. Largest mobility competence centre in the world. Largest aerospace facultyin Europe. 5 of 11 state museums in Baden-Württemberg: Cranach, Rubens, Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Beuys. The state theatre is the largest three-division house (theatre, opera and ballet) of the world. Stuttgart things big and is generous, moves dynamically and with courage to slowness. Fairtrade city. Target: Most children-friendly city in Germany. 86% of the young people like living here. City of the “Stäffele” – 400 staircases connect city and vineyards and open up amazing views.