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Algeria Greeters are volunteers who are passionate about sharing their love for their city with visitors from around the world. A Greeter will welcome you and take you on a 2-4 hours walk in the city free-of-charge, showing you places, neighborhoods, and off-the-beaten-track spots. You will see the city through the eyes of a local while hearing personal stories, anecdotes, cultural aspects, and experience the city in its authenticity. Read more …

Argelia ofrece una trilogía de paisajes y panoramas únicos: mar, montaña y desierto que revelan escenarios grandiosos y alternan el Sahara, las altas colinas y las montañas que se sumergen en el Mediterráneo.  Desde la prehistoria hasta la independencia en 1962, toda la historia del norte de África e incluso de la cuenca mediterránea ha formado parte de Argelia. Argelia es, a su vez, fenicia, cartaginesa, romana, vándala, bizantina, árabe, otomana, cuyos vestigios son de rara belleza y se han convertido en patrimonio universal de la humanidad, al tiempo que testimonian su presencia en Argelia.

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The history of the Medea region takes its roots in the distant past. During the Roman ‎domination, several cities were built among which Lambdia. The ruins of Rapidum (Djouab) and ‎Thanarusuma (Berrouaghia) attest to this Roman presence. In the Xth century, with the advent ‎of the Fatimids, Ziri chief of the Sanhadjas tribes, founded the kingdom of the Zirides, he built ‎his capital at Achir (near Ain Boucif). And authorized his son Bologhine to create three other ‎cities: Al-Djazair, Miliana and Médéa. ‎

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