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Welcome to Svendborg Greeters!

Svendborg is beautiful small town in South Denmark, 30.000 people live in the town, and more than 450.000 in the kommune. Svendborg is an old town, We celebrated 750 years in 2003. There is a lot of small islands around where there live few people.

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Who are the Greeters?

We simply offer you the opportunity to enter the more everyday aspect of our East Styria Region, with its castles, Buschenschenken, small towns … During this walk, the inhabitants of East Styria, the “greeters”, lovers of their region, will be happy to share with you the charm of unusual places and to tell you the great and small stories of their homearea. This walk will take into account your tastes, interests and rhythm. What your greeter brings you: He or she will share with you his or her experiences and anecdotes; will tell you his or her good addresses; and of course will be happy to answer questions that will allow you to better understand East Styria and its surroundings. Moments that we hope will remain unforgettable for you.

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