International Greeter Association

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (Greeters)

Can I start my own Greeter organization?

Yes you can!
The  worldwide organisation of Greeter destinations is very happy to accept new members. In fact we have great expectations about the number of destinations around the world. At the beginning of 2019 we were around 140 members. If you are interested in starting your own local Greeter organisation, feel free to fill out the information form and we will get back to you with information that will get you started real easy.

Can a governmental organization become a member?

Yes, absolutely!
Many of our local Greeter organisations are supported by local governmental organisations. Often the local tourist board takes initiative and creates the infrastructure for the Greeters.
We do ask governmental organisations to follow the same requirements to become a member as we ask non governmental organizations or individuals.

Is there a membership fee to the International Greeter Association?

Yes, there is a small fee if an organization is delivering a certain number of Greets. But it is free for the first year and if an organization is delivering only a few Greets.

Any more Greeter questions? Submit them on our contact form and we will be happy to answer them.