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Almaty is the largest city and former capital of Kazakhstan (people sometimes call it “South Capital”), which was a part of a great ancient nomadic civilization. Nowadays Kazachstan is the biggest (by territory) and the most economically developed country in Central Asia.Our city is located at the foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau (or Tian Shan) mountains and this place was also a part of Great Silk Way that connected Asia and Europe in the Middle Ages.Almaty is very beautiful, charming and vibrant cityand has lots of places and activities to see! From parks and museums to markets and modern entertainment centers. You may want to walk around the city streets or take several sightseeing or hiking tours outside the city to enjoy the unique places.Aside from conventional tourist routes and destinations, we can also show you the cheapest markets and shops, quiet parks and other comfortable places to hang out and spend your time in order to feel the true spirit of Almaty!

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