Currently Córdoba Greeters do not offer Greets.
Córdoba,the city of three cultures and each will passionate you!Monumental and cultural city, city of Courtyards, city of legends, welcoming and quiet city ... Greeters city! A city that, for its history and monuments, is worth a visit at least once in lifetime. Most visitors go to the mosque cathedral, but Cordoba is much more than that!Our 'fairs', open to all visitors, a wide range related to the horse world, courtyards, crosses .... You will never get bored.If you come to Cordoba complement yourofficial tour with tourism professionals (recommended) with one of our Greeters and you'll discover another Cordoba. You will fall in love with our city.Our greeters will feel compensated if you enjoy your stay and if you tell it your friends ... andrepeat!