Tel Aviv Greeters

Decubra Tel Aviv en un paseo privado gratuito con un guía local

Known as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is a popular tourist destination. It is renowned for its 24-‎hour culture, historical sights, Mediterranean beaches, bars, restaurants, cafés, parks, shopping, and ‎quaint neighborhoods. In 2003 UNESCO declared The White City – the unique urban and historical ‎fabric of Tel Aviv – as a World Cultural Heritage due to the architectural qualities of the city’s buildings ‎and streets. Tel Aviv emerges as the perfect mix of the contemporary and the classic.‎

Tel Aviv Nachalat Binyamin
Tel Aviv Jaffa
Tel Aviv Bialik square

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Recuerda: Un Greet significa conocer a un residente local para pasear por la ciudad con usted como nuevos amigos. El primer paso será hablar con el Greeter sobre los detalles de su visita personalizada. No se trata de participar en un recorrido estandarizado, sino de explorar la ciudad con un voluntario experimentado.

¿Quiénes son los Greeters?

Tel Aviv greet
Tel Aviv Greeters are volunteers who will share their love for the city with you in an enthusiastic and hospitable manner. A Greeter will walk with you through the city for a couple of hours allowing you to experience our city in a unique way. For families, friends or people travelling solo – a truly enriching experience!

Lo que dicen nuestros invitados

My greeter took me for a walk in the Carmel Market and Nahalat Binyamin – where there was a beautiful crafts market. As we walked we talked a lot what it’s like living in Tel Aviv. I had the most amazing time with her. Thank you Tel Aviv Greeter for your wonderful service!


Atlanta, Georgia

The greeter concept is great! Our greeter took us for a walk on the promenade and then to Neve Tzedek. We heard so many stories and learned a lot about Tel Aviv. She also gave us lots of practical information which was very useful for our stay in the city.


Perugia, Italy

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