Laurentian Greeters
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Entdecke Laurentian bei einem kostenlosen privaten Rundgang mit einem Einheimischen

The Laurentians region is recognized as a dream location. Its vast territory of mountains, forests, lakes and rivers, just waiting to welcome you and amaze you with the many activities that can be found there in all seasons. History has shaped its reputation as a resort, outdoor and tourist destination par excellence. Located north of Montreal, our magnificent Laurentians region is sure to delight history buffs, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. Come over!
A Greeter will accompany you on a free walk in a corner of our region for a few hours allowing you to discover our natural environment in a unique way. For families, mini groups or people traveling alone – a truly enriching and absolutely free experience. As our region is vast, do not forget to Indicate the place of the walk corresponding to the walks offered by our members on the request form.
Contact us today to organize your personalized and authentic ride with a resident.

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Wer sind die Greeter?

Laurentian Greeter sind Freiwillige, die ihre Liebe zur Stadt mit Dir auf enthusiastische und gastfreundliche Weise teilen werden. Ein Greeter wird Dich/Euch ein paar Stunden lang durch die Stadt begleiten und die Möglichkeit geben, unsere Stadt auf einzigartige Weise zu erleben. Für Familien, Freunde oder Alleinreisende - eine wirklich bereichernde Erfahrung und absolut kostenlos!

Was unsere Gäste sagen

Our Greeter in Laurentian was very patient despite our tardiness, her welcome was wonderful, the tour excellent and you can clearly sense that she cares about showcasing every facet of her town.
Susan and Karl


Thank you, Laurentian Greeters, it is so great to be welcomed like friends, to see a place with the eyes of a local, have a chat in a tiny café and - eventually - leave as a friend.
Anna Maria


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