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Three benefits in one idea:
free walks as a Greeter

Learn about your city, meet friendly people, practice your language skills.

Explore your city with new friends

You will be astonished how much there is to learn about you place. You don’t need to know all that when you start greeting. But each time you walk through your neighbourhood with a visitor you WILL learn new things, ask yourself new questions. Just amazing what kind of adventure you can experience as a Greeter.

Travelers are friendly and grateful

There is hardly ever any visitor who is leaving unsatisfied after he enjoyed a free walk with a local Greeter. It is not so much what you tell them, it is the fact that someone sacrifices his time without expecting any payment that makes them feel welcomed in our town.

Language skills a bit rusty?
Come on and practice

There is no better way to learn a language than by speaking it. You need not be perfect, practice matters…

Greeter idea: a win-win-concept for guests and Greeters

Greeter Adventure in Milan

Greeter: a friendly face

Our core value #1  reads “Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city.”

It’s true: Greeters love their city or town and they are proud to share this with guests.

How could one better discover the most interesting spots of a place?

Greeter Adventure in Tokyo

Meet people in small groups

Our core value #2 reads “Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people.”

The reason is that each Greet should be an opportunity to talk to each other and that seems impossible in bigger groups.

Greeter adventure in Montréal

Not in it for the money

Our core value #3 reads “Meeting a Greeter is free of charge.”

We do not follow a “give what you think is ok (but please give)” strategy. Greeters honestly do not like any tipping because what they give comes from their heart not because of any tipping expectation.
So, Greets are really free walks with locals.


The benefits of Greeters

  • Foster cultural exchange: Greeters are often passionate about their local community and eager to share their knowledge and experiences with visitors. By connecting visitors with local residents, greeters can help facilitate cultural exchange and build understanding between different cultures and backgrounds.
  • Enhance visitor experience: Greeters can provide customized tours of their local community, highlighting unique and interesting sites and providing insider information that visitors might not otherwise have access to. This can help visitors have a more enjoyable and fulfilling travel experience.
  • Build community pride: By volunteering as Greeters, local residents can help build pride and awareness of their community, promoting it as a destination for visitors and encouraging others to explore and appreciate what it has to offer.
  • Support local businesses: Greeters can also help promote local businesses and attractions, pointing visitors to local restaurants, shops, and other establishments. This can help support the local economy and contribute to the overall vitality of the community.

Greeters enjoy local networking

Greeters enjoy local networking

Greeters enjoy local networking

Greeters meet their fellow Greeters

When Greeters travel they usually meet other Greeters – just like meeting old friends.

Susanne from Bonn meets Edouard in Antwerp

Cecily from Sydney meets Karin in Mulhouse

Happy Greeters

Enjoy being a hostess, an Embassador, an actor to the visitors – Share exiting and enjoyment tours, that presents the best of my hometown – Get to know my visitors, their hobbies, culture, interests. – Exchange ideas related to Greeters Activities

Rachel Muller

Tel Aviv Greeters, Israel

In 2006 I arrived in New York as tourist, a Greeter greeted me and I left as friend. Even today that he is over 95 he remembers me. A Greeter is your reference anywhere in the world. Being a Greeter means having many friends around the world.

Massimo Chianella

Ferrara Greeters, Italy

If you love where you live and enjoy meeting people from all over the world, nothing could be better than becoming a Greeter. You get to continually learn (and share) new things about your city/town, all while getting fresh air, and making friends.

Liz Kadin

Big Apple Greeter New York, USA