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Are you interested in trekking the coolest and the highest Himalayas, at least once in a lifetime, or just to see glimpses of huge Himalayas through the city in the background? Then Kathmandu is waiting for you. In addition, what about enjoying the diverse cultures, festivals, and lifestyles of the coolest people that are always peaceful and welcoming to you.
Our Greeters are much willing to share their knowledge, let you experience the richness of nature and cultures, and show you how things go on in Kathmandu. Everything you prefer from short hiking, sightseeing, and UNESCO world heritage site visit to the culturally and religious understanding of Buddhists and Hindus such as Meditation and Yoga.
Therefore, the world’s highest peak is waiting for you, the center of peace and Buddha, and the love of Nepalese is waiting for you. We invite you cordially to book a Kathmandu Greeter and learn closely about the beauty and lifestyle of the Himalayas.

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¿Quiénes son los Greeters?

Kathmandu Greeters son voluntarios que compartirán con usted su amor por la ciudad de forma entusiasta y hospitalaria. Un Greeter caminará con usted por la ciudad durante un par de horas, permitiéndole experimentar nuestra ciudad de una manera única. Para familias, amigos o personas que viajan solas: ¡una experiencia realmente enriquecedora!

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