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Welcome to Taipei

Taipei is now one of Asia’s most popular tourist destinations.
It is the capital city of Taiwan seeing tourist numbers increase dramatically over the last 5 years.You can tell it is really a modern city from the amazing buildings or the unique shopping experiences that form part of the attraction.
We believe Taipei warrants a place on your travel bucket list.The city has a rich cultural ecology with world class museums, a vibrant artist community and an internationally recognized biennial. Here are some main reason you should visit Taipei:

The Safety
Safety tends to be the most important thing for traveling. Taipei have over 20 night markets so you can walk around at night and not have to worry about getting mugged. Here, parents feel safe letting their kids back home alone on the bus or MRT.

The Food
Taiwan has always been known for its food, with dishes like stinky tofu and Pearl milk tea, milk tea with tapioca balls, spreading across the globe. What better place to find Taiwanese food than the cultural hub, and capital, of Taiwan? Food here is always cheap, yet delicious. Lowest to 2-5USD and you can have a meal in Taipei.

The People
One of the best things about Taipei is how helpful and kind most locals are! Most people here can speak at least a little English, but even those who don’t still try their best to be helpful. So when you travel in Taipei, you can be more open to ask for help.

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Who are the Greeters?

We simply offer you the opportunity to enter the more everyday aspect of our city of Taipei. During this walk, the inhabitants of Taipei, the “greeters”, lovers of their city, will be happy to share with you the charm of unusual places and to tell you the great and small stories of their homearea. This walk will take into account your tastes, interests and rhythm. What your greeter brings you: He or she will share with you his or her experiences and anecdotes; will tell you his or her good addresses; and of course will be happy to answer questions that will allow you to better understand our city and country. Moments that we hope will remain unforgettable for you.

What our guests say

We (a group of 5 people consisted of my family, my father, and brother) had a walk tour. Peter was our Greeter. I must appreciate professionalism shown by him. All of my family members have rated this walk as “A1” class. During the walk we try some great local food and Peter share a lot of history behind the food link to Taipei. Without him, we will not able to know these interesting stories.

At first, I am a little worried our kids will not like the walking tour. But Peter, our tour guide has been excellent and helped to entertain the kids and played games with them. He also recommended interesting places for meals, bought us fruits during the walking tour. All in all we had a wonderful experience with Peter.

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