Hey, everyone, welcome to Chongqing. This is a mountainous and sometimes a foggy city - an incredible city that you are absolutely going to fall in love with. This is the city in which scenes are wonderful, foods are delicious and people are warm-hearted. This is the city that will make you feel at home. For it is not only a modern city, but a city with traditional cultures in the south-west of China. There is no doubt that Chongqing Greeters will offer you a unique angle of view of Chongqing. Our enthusiastic, passionate and highly motivated volunteers will show you around the places you are interested in. There is one thing you need to know that we can be your guides, but also friends. Do you want to discover the old kitchen hot pot and various kinds of local food? Do you want to experience the special charisma of Chongqing’s night view? We will be waiting for you here in Chongqing at any time.