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Welcome to Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland!Skellefteå is the southern entry into Swedish Lapland. Half the population (of a total of approx. 72.000) inhabits the country side – next door to wild salmon rivers, hundreds of lakes, dense forests and miles and miles of coastline. The other half dwell in a modern city; a seamless transition from urban to rural defining the good life in the subarctic – stretching from fine dining to cooling winter swims.Even for a Swede, Skellefteå is way up north. Here thegreat, virgin forests are dense, the waters wild and pure and the sun doesn't set for 100 days in summer. Some might call Skellefteå remote and rural. Some would probably even call it wild, who knows? The only thing we are absolutely sure about is that we wouldn't be anywhere else in the world but here. And we like to call this heaven on earth.Now, take this opportunity to explore Skellefteå together with one of our greeters and get your own personal experience of Swedish Lapland.
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