One hour away from Paris, the Champagne area welcomes you with in an original and friendly way… The territory offers a wide range of activities, as the Champagne Greeters do : Some Greeters will make you discover the Champagne vineyard, its history, the tasks in the vines, and the making of the famous sparkling wine of celebration. Champagne’s cultural heritage is rich: Greeters will stroll with you through our main cities, such as Reims and its UNESCO’s sites, Epernay, the capital of Champagne, Sézanneand Vitry; and also through its quaint villages. Many of the Greeters are looking forward to sharing with you their passion for nature : remarkable gardens, mysterious forests (e.a. Faux de Verzy, twisted beeches); or the wetland area of the Marais de Saint-Gond, or the Lake Der, the largest artificial lake in Europe. The area was the theater of several historical battles. Travel back in time with the Greeters and discover historic world wars’ sites. All Greeters wish to welcome you as a friend.