Fulda Greeters
‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Free Personal Walking Tour with a Local

Discover Fulda on a free walking tour with a local

Fulda Greeters are your friends in Fulda who you haven’t met yet!

But be careful: Greeters are not tour guides but simply “friends in town”.

So… there are no maps, no book guides, open your eyes and just immerse yourself in our daily lives: …thanks to Fulda greeters you will feel like a real Fuldaer for a few hours. Send us your request now.

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Sorry, currently Greets are not available in Fulda

Who are the Greeters?


Greeters welcome guests and take them on individual Greets through the city – without charge.

We love our hometown and like to give you an insight into our personal lives in Fulda. That is why accompany you through our town – entirely free of charge, as is customary among friends. You will experience very personal and individual walkabouts and you will hear about our workaday lives.

A complete sightseeing-tour to tourist-attractions is not what we provide, but we can tell you where you can get it.

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