Brighton Greeters - Free Walking Tour, 1 to 6 People

Are you looking for a unique Brighton experience? Why not book a Brighton Greet and see the city through the eyes of enthusiastic local people who love living here and want to show you “their” Brighton & Hove? Greets last around 2 hours and are completely free of charge. The Greeters are all volunteers who love meeting new people and helping them to make the most of their visit - your Greeter will show you their favourite places and tell you their stories of living in the city. They can also tailor the experience to incorporate any particular areas of interest that you may have. They are a great way to “get under the skin” of the city and to see some of the hidden gems away from the main streets. They are more than a tour, more like a walk with a new friend, and are only available for groups of up to six people. The Brighton Greeter scheme offers a very personal and distinctive way of seeing the city and all it has to offer.